What is unique about Dr. Hester's approach?

I focus not only on the issue of the moment, but on sustainable strategies for dealing with on-going change.

It might not take a rocket scientist, but if you have one handy you may as well put him to work. ;-)

If you are looking for a traditional management consultant who will offer you specific "this time" solutions to specific "this time" problems, I might not be the best fit.

But if you are interested in changing your process in ways that prepare you for tomorrow's challenges as well, then I might be.

My task is not to provide you with specific solutions. My task is to help you craft solutions to your current challenges, and in that context change the way that you view, anticipate and respond to change. I work with organizations that are ready to face the world on its own terms. My goal is to leave you with the strategies that you need to deal with change on an ongoing, sustainable basis.