Does coaching deliver on its promises?

A growing body of evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of coaching in helping clients succeed.

Coaching is coming to be viewed as the most effective form of personal and professional development available today!

That is a strong claim, but it's based on more than just a few anecdotes from coaches. A growing body of evidence-based research is coming to a clear conclusion: "Yes, coaching lives up to its promises." A few straightforward numbers make the point.

A 2009 study of over 2000 coaching clients found that 99% were somewhat or very satisfied with the overall experience, and that 96% would repeat the coaching experience given the same circumstances that lead them to seek coaching in the first place.

That 99% customer satisfaction rate for coaching is even more impressive when you look at who is turning to coaching. Once viewed as a remedial tool, coaching is now the strategy of choice for proactive leadership development. A 2013 study found that leadership development and helping leaders maneuver through transitions account for over 80% of executive coaching.

As icing on the cake, 95% of the senior executives surveyed in a Stanford Business School study said that coaching was an enjoyable experience.

With more and more senior managers and top executives turning to coaching as a way to maximize their potential, is it any wonder that around the world executives and professionals now proudly say, “Hey! I’ve got a coach!”