What is unique about Dr. Hester's approach to coaching?

I bring a unique background and a powerful perspective to coaching. But the only way to know if we are a good fit is to share a free coaching session!

When my first coaching instructor asked about our backgrounds I said, "astrophysicist." She paused for a minute, then commented in a pensive way, "We've never had an astrophysicist before..." Everybody in class immediately burst into laughter! It's a fun story, but it's also an important point. If nothing else I can truthfully say that I am not "just another coach!"

I am trained in the core competencies set out by the International Coaching Federation, and abide by their code of ethics. That framework is an excellent vehicle for the same unique perspective that drives my speaking and advising:

Some of what you think that you know is fine, but some of it isn’t. Here is the rub. You don’t know which is which. In a world where the only constant is change, how you deal with that simple but powerful fact will determine your fate!

By transforming the way that we view ourselves and our relationship to our knowledge and assumptions we can learn to welcome and ride the wave of change. We can learn to deal with change proactively as opportunity rather than reacting to it as threat and crisis. In today's world that is the necessary foundation of any meaningful and lasting success.

The most effective way for you to internalize that message, implement it in your life, and make it a permanent and sustainable part of who you are is to work with me as your coach.

By the way, this is anything but a canned approach. You will never find me publishing a book with a title like, "Five Steps to a Better Life!" If that is what you are looking for check out a late night infomercial or the book rack at your local supermarket. I believe that every person's path is different, and that effective coaching means coaching that is tailored to the individual!

So am I the right coach for you? That depends.

A coach doesn’t need to be someone who understands the specifics of your business or profession. In fact, many find that it is important to have a coach who has a different background and experiences. You want a coach to be able to see things that you or others within your organization or profession cannot. Your coach isn't there to tell you how to do your job. Your want a coach that can challenge you to break out of the box; a coach who will help you discover and implement your own vision and plan for success!

The single most important factor in a successful coaching relationship is trust and rapport between the coach and client. Do the two of you get along? Are you relaxed with each other? Is this someone that you think you will be able to open up with and trust, even with things that you don’t share with anyone else?

If you wouldn’t enjoy sitting down with a person over dinner and letting the conversation go where it may, they are probably not the right coach for you!

Not every coach is right for every client, and not every client is right for every coach. That is why we will start out with a free coaching experience. We will talk a bit about what coaching is and discover a little of what you hope coaching will help you accomplish. At the end of that session we will both know whether we are a good match!